Research at IMCI

Where there is sense, there will be questions.
Had Eve never been curious, life, or lore of life wouldn't be known the way it is. Had Einstein not been suspicious, people would not be so well acquainted with the soul force of this planet. Had humans kept on ignoring the unique and yet mystifying qualities of their surroundings, which they actually did for a long time, they would have never discovered the logic of life, of fire, of air, of water and of the ground on which they stood and passed the incredibly beautiful and sustaining, sophisticated and intricately organised architecture of their habitats as magic for decades, even centuries.

Curiosity might kill the cat, but it very much possesses the capability to enhance the experience of life for a human. This curiosity, this constant nag that keeps asking for more, more details, more information and more logic to connect the dots, this thirst to find out why and how something happens can be quenched by the services of only one tool known to mankind: Research.

For those who find their calling in the fields of Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising, Public Relations, Electronic Commerce, Journalism, Creative communication and/or Sales and Production, IMCI brings to them, a chance to turn stones, snoop around with a license and dig dirt on whatever ticks their intellectual bones.

IMCI, Institute of Marketing Communications India, has always believed in equipping people with tools which may help them in gaining a perception. For those who join this institute with an aspiration to learn and make something of themselves, IMCI presents an opportunity. A chance to participate in a research programme, with faculty support, multitude of subjects to work on and no bar on entry, is the offer that IMCI brings to the table.

Be it a graduate, a post graduate or a professional who is involved with the industry, these research opportunities are open to all. Interest, determination and an earnest will to work is the only eligibility bar that IMCI puts as constraints.

The institute follows protocol and within the sheltering bounds of the standards, allows the research enthusiasts to begin their work in an open environment, with support instead of pressure. The whole point of this endeavour is to ensure that the researchers understand the importance of the work being done and find, if not the whole, then a part of the answer that they are looking for. Deep understanding, improved knowledge and answered questions are the only motive of this programme. With a faculty that has experienced both, novice researchers and expert snoopers of solutions, the whole experience becomes more than just another project. It gets alive and assumes a form, a shape and an identity, with which, the researchers gain the key to their salvation; the prize to their quest.

IMCI sports a well formed structure wherein the candidates willing to put in their time and efforts are provided with the resources they require. These researches can be put in the place of dissertations for masters' students and in the place of research projects.

Join this quest. Understand the art to frame a question for when a question is formed properly, finding the answer is the easier part.

The Institute has witnessed participation of students and professionals now working with Fortune 500 and global advertising, media and public relations giants like: