Ranveer Ching Return's- Five and a half minutes of Desi Chinesefun-Taking advertisements to a new height

This, call it a short movie or a long advertisement, has taken YouTube by storm. With more than six million views within five days of being released on YouTube, ‘Ranveer Ching Returns’ is a ‘masala’ filled, action packed ad-film with sprinkles of romance all over it.

And it’s not a movie folks. It is an advertisement for Ching’s Secret.

In five minutes and thirty three seconds, the tantalizing trio of Ranveer Singh, Rohit Shetty and Tamannah Bhatia brings their magic together and treats us with a movie which is an ad. Or an ad which is a movie. Viewers are still deciding which label to adorn this beauty with.

It has got everything that a Bollywood blockbuster has- superstars, a high profile director, a quite spicy dance number, Shetty watermarked action, a budget of seventy five crore and a grand set. And what does it do? It promotes Capitol Food’s Indian Chinese cuisine ingredients.

In an apocalyptic future where hunger reigns supreme and a villainous and yet funny looking don rules over all sorts of food sources, Ranveer Ching, with his Indo-Chinese recipes, comes to the rescue of the starved people, including a graceful Bhatia. He fights, he dances, he flirts and he cooks.

Indian advertisement industry has seen phases. It has seen peaks of creative intelligence and it has seen horribly clichéd dips. But ‘Ranveer Ching Returns’ looks like a step towards the big leagues. In the words of the managing director of Capitol Foods, Ajay Gupta, this ad-film is the most expensive one in Indian history in terms of advertisement budgets. But he adds, this investment is a just price for a Rohit Shetty entertainer because what better way to reach the common masses than classic Bollywood cinema.

Since ‘Ranveer Ching’ music video, the brand faced a growth of over a hundred and fifty percent. The new ad-film was planned with the idea to make a place in the hearts of the southern population of India. This is speculated as the reason for casting Tamannah Bhatia, a popular face in South India. The YouTube premier on August 19 garnered a real good number of views, creeping from twenty lakh within the first two days to oversix million within the first week. Quite a good number of those views were registered from UK and UAE. A world television premier is scheduled on August 28 and is to be held on Sony Entertainment Television.

And yet, with all the sparkle and glitter that this ad-film brings to Indian television, there are experts who consider this a no-biggie.

There are questions on the use of the celebrities. Some say that Ching’s needed a better execution of their idea. Others refuse to deem this little feature as a fresh endeavour, citing examples of Tata Sky and BMW to cement their point.

Anyhow, this advertisement slash short movie looks interesting. It is very much alike what a big part of Indian populace considers quality entertainment. And with such big names, it is bound to capture eyes. The point however, is to sell the product and not the movie. So as long as Ranveer Singh drives that point home, everybody is happy.