Public Relations- The bare truth

The first thing that jumps the mind when somebody mentions PR is something a line of work specifically dwelling in publicity has to do with. While that isn't entirely wrong, it also isn't entirely true. Public Relations is a different kind of deal than just promotion and advertising. It's got to do with each and every aspect of communication that can be maintained between any two entities without defying or disrespecting the general rules of communication.

As opposed to the general and prevailing notion, PR isn't the same as advertising. In the field of advertising, the job is to use the spirit of creativity and create something that people would like to see and imitate and then buy some space on the national or international means of broadcast communication to spread the message created to the target audience. PR is more like being the vocal cord of the client, be it a person, product or organization.

Public Relations, as the name suggests, has got everything to do with how the client stands in the eye of the world. It's all about making the client appear grand. It's all about favourable publicity. It involves managing, coordinating and organizing any and all events and engagements that have a good chance of landing the client in the good graces of the target audience.

Now, this becomes very important to discuss the honesty quotient of this particular occupation. It is quite normal to think that, since the job of a person involved in PR is to make the client appear good, it must involve lies and deceits and immoral and public-deceiving activities.

That's where this chain of thought needs to be stopped for good. Because there is no truth in a statement such as the one just mentioned. Never mind the words of a stranger, but look at and consider the logic. If a PR organization is known to represent the Evil Queen as Snow White to the public, it will be difficult for the advertising companies to trust that particular agency.

Journalists won't risk the authenticity of their work by collaborating with a PR professional known to deceive everybody about its clients. Clients will hesitate to hand over their public image to an agency which is known to lie to the public. In both the situations, there appears to be no circumstances under which the PR agency would be able to do any business and generate any revenue and thus the only way to strive remains to be straightforward, true and precisely sharp in what information should be disclosed to the world and what should be held back.

This is a profession that requires not just good communication skills but also, a really great sense of presentation and information management and