Promoting Your Brand New Blog The Smart Way

So, you finally did it. After months of planning and placing, you released that blog, all new and full of crisp, thoroughly enjoyable pieces of your work. You are proud of it. And yet, you find no traffic attracted to your blog. Why you think. Allow me to tell you that publishing a new post, putting up a blog, and then keep providing more content is just the first step of a long ladder.

Building A Blog Simply Does Not Invite Traffic

Unless you are brimming with luck, nobody will be dying to read your blog just because you created and released it. Promotion is your one chance to get people to look at your work.

Let me make it easier to understand. You have one blog(assume so.) Now, in the ocean of over one billion websites that reside on the internet, you are like a tiny button on a much larger board full of buttons. It's hard for a random person to notice you. You have to take the effort to make your button recognisable.

The Equation of Promotion and Income

Since you have taken so much trouble to set up the blog, the chances are that you expect something in return. However, income generating blogs are a long, hard strategy away. When you put time into promoting your content, (of course, I am taking the liberty here to assume that your content is worth it), first timers will visit you.

The trick is to use promotion, quality of content, and accurate placement to convert a random wanderer into a loyal viewer of your blog. The process goes something like this:

  • Create something that imparts utility to your niche viewers.
  • Promote it in a way that people get introduced to your blog and are tempted to take a look.
  • Place your content or outline the blog in a way that it can involve the viewer, making them stay, and making them come back for more. Voila!

Avoid Too much Tweaking

Begin with a good enough design. One that is simple and doesn't hurt the eye will do. Then forget about it unless there is a major functional deficiency that the order is causing your blog. Refrain from tweaking the design every few days. It takes away your time, a very useful resource here, and doesn't return much.

Focus on the Quality of Posts, Not the Quantity

Of course, one post a year is not going to be very effective. But the idea here is to focus on what you are giving rather than what you might get. Go with the 'Pillar Post' theory. Create two or three over the top pieces that are incredibly resourceful. Decide the topics strategically. Research like your life depends on it. Carve out the article like every word is a diamond worth millions. Try your best to come up with a one-of-a-kind piece that has the capability to enchant a viewer and impart the feeling of hitting the motherload.

This 'Pillar Post' can be a tremendous asset. You will refer people to it frequently. You will promote it more than others. It will be like your ID for the first few months. And because you did the piece exceptionally well, it will leave a good impression on your viewers.

Say No to Advertisements

While monetizing a blog is a desired step, it isn't always favourable. Banner ads reduce your content space, distract your viewer from the post, and they aren't immensely valuable in the long run.

Instead, Set Up an E-mail List.

Use your pillar post as leverage. Grab the chance to pull an impressed reader onto your list. The industry of blogging works on how well and for how long you can harvest attention. As your email list will grow, you will have to work less on other ways to garner people's attention (that is when you will work hard on creating an email that people find worth clicking on.)

It's Easier Than You Think

All you need is a well-built strategy. Promoting a blog is a somewhat predictable, completely doable process. Sure, you'll be tempted to use the hacks (see the not so helpful SEO techniques.) But in the long run, this way happens to be the correct for new bloggers.