Parle Brings 'Naam to Suna Hi Hoga' and 'Platina Range' Ad Campaigns to the Market

Parle recently introduced an integrated campaign to showcase its array of brands. The campaign message firmly directs the spotlight over different Parle brands, educating and reminding the consumer of the high and broad range of its products.

With the subtle enactment of an amusing yet witty script, ‘Naam to Suna Hi Hoga’ does a good job at calling attention to all the Parle products that enjoy a deep connection with the Indian consumers.

Parle Products’ Category Head Mayank Shah considers the TVC an attempt to remind Indians how Parle has dedicated all its efforts to give them something memorable per occasion for many years now. The ad campaign, as Shah puts it, is a manner of tying all Parle manufactured goods to the name of the mother brand.

Parle Products is an associate sponsor of 2017 IPL, which is why the campaign was introduced and run extensively all over national television spots during the cricket league.

Soon after ‘Naam to Suna Hi Hoga’ reported to be successful, Parle has launched another TVC to showcase the brand’s latest goodies. The company released two videos to promote Hide & Seek. The range of this new campaign(or rather the earlier campaign’s second version) is lean and dances around Hide & Seek, Mexitos, Milano, and Simply Good Health commodities.

Speaking about the version 2, Shah said that Parle felt the need of a rejuvenated approach to reconnect to its customers and regain a premium position among its competitors. However, he includes, the new products (the Platina Range) is more about the consumer experience and Parle’s efforts at adapting and evolving with the taste and preferences of their intended market and less about the competition.

Brand gurus of the market consider Parle’s decision to launch the Platina Range around the ‘Naam to Suna Hi Hoga’ campaign a wise one. Consumers may just have taken away the idea that Parle is a brand for every consumer i.e. the premium ones as well as the masses, which was probably Parle’s intention behind launching a premium product range right after its pan-India campaign.

Taproot Dentsu designed both the campaigns.

Naam to Suna Hi Hoga

Platina Range