Mom Be A Girl Again by Amazon India Gets a Second Life

Amazon India had launched the second series of advertisements under its #MomBeAGirlAgain campaign which was first seen in 2016. The first leg of this ad series received over 20 million views across several social platforms.
The new addition to the revamped ad campaign is centred on mothers reliving their childhood memories, passions, and dreams. Amazon India has released two videos under the campaign.

The first video celebrates the retirement of an old lady whose childhood friend and family revisit the woman's love of music once again. The second video features a daughter who enrols in the same school that her mother used to go to once. The girl discovers the trouble making, rough and tough days of her football playing mother affectionately called 'toofani' by the school coach and ends up gifting her mother a football at the end.
The new leg of #MomBeAGirlAgain campaign has been designed by What's Your Problem Brand Solutions. Amazon India, while talking about the campaign, mentioned how big a sacrifice it is to give up a passion for the sake of family interests. The insight behind the advertisement design was to acknowledge the selflessness of mothers and find a way to lessen the burden of losing a passion.
The brand aims to leave an emotional impact on the viewers' minds. Both the videos have crossed 2 million(Gudiya) and 12.9 million (Toofani) views.
At What's Your Problem, Creative Head Amit Akali calls the campaign a movement to encourage mothers to take their passions alongside their families and return to the once little, rebellious, enthusiastic, artistic selves they were before responsibilities took over.
Social media seems accepting of the films. Industry experts call the ad films nostalgic and heartwarming. The emotional appeal that both the films trigger among kids and mothers appear to have succeeded at imparting an experience while keeping Amazon in consumer’s minds.
Amazon's women oriented strategy has been revisited time and again by the international e-commerce brand. #WhenAWomanShops, #MomBeAGirlAgain 1.0, and #MomBeAGirlAgain 2.0 are all campaigns that connect well with the customers, especially women. Meanwhile, the brand is also being applauded for its subtle product integration in the ads as opposed to blunt shoving.