Message from the Director

Dear Learners,
I greet you with my warmest wishes.
There is so much that I want to impart to you. Not the stream centred knowledge, for that is the job of your professors. I am more inclined towards introducing you to my perception of the world. The world that you would be stepping into, after you have finished your course. And I will do so, in the time that we will spend together during your endeavour with us.
For now, I want you to understand, just how much difference you can make. Find the truth in your beliefs. Realize that the demons of deceit, of domination, of propagandas, are very much real. And discover your powers that can put you in a position to undo a wrong. Or stop it from being done in the first place.
But mostly, I want to ensure that you understand your significance as a student, as a member and as a crucial part of IMCI. It is your contribution, that of your seniors and hopefully of those who are yet to join us on this journey, which come together to form the spirit of IMCI.
This is more than your run of the mill training institution. It has got the magical sense of human touch that goes beyond the realm of plain intelligence topped with grades and statistics laden certificates.
With us, it is all about equipping you with tools. Making you look inside, for you might be surprised with what you find hidden in your own soul. Your creativity and your talent is what this school channels into the shape of your desirable careers.
With you, we grow. With us, you grow.
Samar Abbas
Dean & Director

The Institute has witnessed participation of students and professionals now working with Fortune 500 and global advertising, media and public relations giants like: