Maxus gets the media mandate for Tata’s brand new ecommerce marketplace

Tata has come out with its new concept, Tata CliQ, its very own and authentic ecommerce market. The media mandate of this venture has been won by the Global communications consultancy, Maxus. The deal was secured after a multi-agency pitch.

Tata CliQ is what you are more likely to recognize as the company with the camel ad. I am sure that rings more than just a bell. The series of advertisements where it looks like everybody buys a camel to be used as a television, earphones or power bank is in reality, the #Sure Thing campaign of Tata CliQ. The name itself promises a shopping experience so convenient and trusted that one click would do all that is desired.

Tata CliQ is defined, at the present time, as a phygital, multi brand, ecommerce market place with all sorts of authentic stuff certified by all sorts of degrees required. CAMEL, actually is an abbreviation for Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves. Every item a person would buy on Tata CliQ would be a CAMEL.

For an idea that big, the advertisement requires to be of the most extraordinary kind. It is thus, a big deal for Maxus to win the media mandate for Tata CliQ. This mandate involves almost all modes of public contact there is, like radio, television, print, cinema and such others.

The managing director of Maxus South Asia, Kartik Sharma has been reported saying that the association is a big deal for them as any partnership with Tata is a privilege. He also said that Tata CliQ is destined to become big with its phygital implementation. That they would get to play a part in this brand new shopping revolution is a matter of pride for them, Kartik Sharma said.

The plans disclosed to the masses at this time do not reveal much. However, this has been confirmed that the centre of operations for Maxus, with regard to Tata CliQ would be in Mumbai.

Even before CliQ is operational, the organization isn’t leaving nay stones unturned to leave a mark on the target audiences. The CAMEL commercial is a huge example of that. It wasn’t a fold and open kind of ad. It was a layered one, revealing itself in phases. It was a series and not just a single advertisement. It was the introduction of Tata CliQ. And it was expected to leave a mark, which it appears to have succeeded in doing.

The point is that Tata has taken pains to introduce its ecommerce market to the country. And this entire introductory campaign has been designed and executed by the marketing department of Tata itself. This, kind of explains the level of service they must expect form Maxus and thus gives us, the audience and the target market, an idea of the upcoming publicity snippets and advertisements.

Having been confronted about the same, Prathyusha Agarwal, the head of marketing, Tata CliQ, shares her view of the entire camel proposition. She believes that the present day market is full of brands which are full of products and Tata CliQ attempts to penetrate that clutter in its own quirky way. She also believes that Maxus will prove to be a brother in arms, with its creative development team and other important resources, in propagating the concept that Tata CliQ represents.