Google Calls Its Upcoming Automatic Ad-Blocker an Ultimate Fallback Option

Google is in works to release an ad-blocker for Chrome by the next year. However, instead of calling the new add-on an ad-blocker, Google is calling the feature an ad-filter.
In a recent publisher evet, Google Senior VP, Ads, and Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy was caught talking about the technological restrictions around ad blocker extensions. The publishers had received an early warning and Ramaswami shared how 95% of them were hopeful of the change.

Google is talking about removing intrusive ads which aren't relevant to the page content where they show up. This new ad filter is supposed to block annoying ads, autoplay videos, and interstitials that break the viewer’s flow and serve no purpose to them. Google will also offer the publishers a tool to check if their websites violate the ad-filter constraints.
The Chrome guidelines that see to proper ad filtering are being determined by Coalition for Better Ads- a group that has The Washington Post, Facebook, News Corp, Google, etc. as its members.
Ramaswamy shared his hope that the soon-to-be-released ad-filter will render additional ad-blockers useless. Consumers will be able to avoid obnoxious, experience-hampering, and unnecessary intrusion without exerting any extra effort.
This 'ad-filter' had already made an appearance in Chrome pre-release versions. The latest Chrome Canary app is available for download on the Google Play Store and testers have already begun playing with the ad blocker.