Go Offline for Online Marketing

In mobile dominated world where everyone surfs on search engines, we all are putting our major efforts digitally to drive traffic to our website. In this never ending digital race most of us completely forgotten about print marketing.

We all are witness of good returns earned from our online strategies but when these are coupled with offline strategies then we can see bigger returns.

Online campaigns can be more effective when they are merged with physical components as print marketing can connect dots of physical interactions personally.

With the synergy of two you can set your campaigns apart from your competitors. The tact of combining both will also raise campaign awareness and help in memorizing.

In this digital age where everyone is struggling with online ideas, supporting them with few offline steps is a chance for you to get noticed in market. The physical version of your digital assets can result fruitful by increasing traffic to your website.

For example: Printing QR code linked to your website in business card, flyer etc can guide them in their exact search while exploring your website. This will save time of audience which can be one of their reasons to visit your website again.

Another example is from fruesh Imports which are printing their digital asset.

For promotion of their eco-friendly methods, fruesh demonstrate their supply chains by creating an interactive journey map on their website. This journey is also printed in brochure and circulated in trade show for driving visitors to website.

As a result traffic is increased on their journey map and it is continued to their services and sales pages also which further boost their business.

One more example is of an Interesting recruitment drive by Diffusion Clothing Placing print materials like displays and leaflets in store and colleges and then instructing them to create a new outfit by picking any five physical items which are placed. Further directing them to Instragram page as for completion of task students are required to submit the screenshot of their created outfit.

As a result number of followers on Instragarm increased, engagement is improved and numbers of application are also increased in recruitment campaign.

Thus we can conclude that marrying online campaigns with offline can bring new customers and secure new business. So don’t miss opportunity to be unique by standing apart from competitors.