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Evidence is a very important aspect of the process of proving anything. In the world of industries and businesses, this proof is something you might recognize by the name of certificates.

Talent is crucial to maintaining and improving one's career, maintaining being the keyword here. Talent is crucial, alright. But at the entry level of any top cream organisation, being in a position where you have no contacts in the new environment, no shortcuts, no backdoors, no buddies, talent takes the backseat. Chances in the industry are limited. And a shot at those chances are never long enough for you to reveal all that you are made up of.

It takes work, hard and well positioned work to land an interview unless you have a recorded experience of over ten years or more. And in those few, opportunity filled, golden moments, the challenge is to present yourself in the best way possible so as to leave a lasting impression. Clearly, presenting all the knowledge that you have gathered to a board of refined individuals in a matter of a few minutes is out of the question. In such a dilemma filled circumstance, certification comes to the rescue.

An authentic, clear and solid proof of one's abilities is a certificate. And IMCI presents to you, a chance to get yourself one of the best kinds of certification in digital marketing. A proof that you have what it takes to become a soaring digital marketing professional.

About The Certification

There is a lot more to this certification process than just the exam. IMCI ensures that a candidate willing to make something of his or her own self, gets a chance to do so.

To elaborate, IMCI not only tests the in-depth knowledge of a person on a prospect but it also provides enough means to be prepared. This certification has been strategically planned with a training course and preparation module.

The idea is to ensure, before anything begins, that all participant are aware of the requirements, benefits and adjustments that are an integral part of this process. The purpose of this training program that is introduced before the examination can be conducted, is to both check and induce the knowledge of concepts of and in the candidates.

Being in the digital marketing profession requires many things to align. Along with the training and the grooming, the obviously required interest in everything related to marketing and management and incredibly smooth communicative talents, this profession requires a clear understanding of how people react, how relationships are built in the most professionally connected sense and how those instincts are used to land a deal or develop a pitch and have it impress the target market.

This certification, if one clears it, becomes a live proof of a person possessing all these attributes with a defined clarity of each of these features. Regardless to say, the importance of a piece of paper that shouts out one's achievements with respect to understanding and knowledge development is an outstanding addition to anybody's and everybody's resume.

Certified Training Material

The training that precedes the certification examination has been arranged to incorporate all that is crucial for a digital marketing professional to have a knowledge of. This curriculum is, beyond being anything else, an example of a direction in which the candidates can carry themselves during the preparation period.

Module 1: Introduction to marketing and digital medium.

Module 2: SEO and SEM

Module 3: Digital marketing services and strategies.

Module 4: Web Analytics

Module 5: Social Media Marketing, Social Media Analytics

Module 6: Affiliate Marketing, Mobile and email marketing

Module 7: Inbound Marketing

Module 8: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) in Digital Marketing

Module 9: Web Design and development

Module 10: Campaign Planning

Module 11: Multimedia Production techniques

While all these sub dimensions of the field of digital marketing must be covered with a thorough gaze, the training material focuses on the primary objective of all these mini subjects. The capability and sharp talent of understanding customers, attracting them to a pitch, building their trust brick by brick via legible means and thus converting them from passer-by's to a loyal crowd is something that lies at the heart of this profession.

While there are several means to achieve the aim, the training is specifically designed to make the candidates understand how their aim must align with the medium they choose without any collisions. These goals are equipped with tools like case studies and observational video clips.

Eligibility Criteria

This certification evaluation and training program follows under few differing eligibility conditions. All those who have completed their Graduation or Post Graduation/ PhD/ Working Professional are eligible to enroll for the course. As this course is truly professional and industry oriented, freshers as well as employed individuals may seek benefits of the course.

Certification Fee

An amount of Rs. 22,500 is to be submitted to IMCI as a fee. The amount is 700(USD) for those applicants who aren't legal citizens of India.

Program Length

The entire program usually takes up to six months. The curriculum and the syllabus are designed in accordance with this time limit to accommodate all the modules as well as the interactive sessions with professionals.

Examination and Certification

The examination date and time slots will be updated on the official page of IMCI. Candidates can gather information from over there and schedule their tests as per their convenience and level of preparation. The training material will be made available as per a predetermined schedule and the candidates will be made aware of any changes from time to time.

In case an applicant desires to retry for the evaluation, an additional fee of Rs.1500(50 USD) will have to be submitted to the institution.

Programme Fees

Registration and Application

The application forms will be made available on the official page of IMCI with the beginning of the session. They can be filed online. Every information from the declaration of dates to the methods of fee payment and the availability of training material will be posted on the very official page. For any queries, dilemmas or doubts, IMCI helpline can be reached at all office hours.

How to apply

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