Answers Made Easy- Google Releases Two New Videos to Promote Its Search App

Google's latest ad campaign 'Answers Made Easy' has rolled out with two new videos. The campaign encourages using Google App as a one stop solution for every query one may have.
Not long ago, Google had launched two videos surrounding cricket-related search experience under the same campaign name. As per Sapna Chadha, Google India's Head of Marketing, the videos were pointed at an easy out to the frustration that the general Indian masses face because of missing out on the cricket action for any number of reasons.
The latest additions to the 'Nearby Answers Made Easy' campaign include two videos, both highlighting the quickness and advantage of Google’s local business finder tool.
The first video introduces a young couple in a new home, the wife visibly upset on not being able to watch cricket and berating the husband for not installing their television set. The husband saves the day by searching nearby hotels and ordering thirty samosas as a peace offering to their neighbours, ending up in the new couple being invited at their neighbour's place to enjoy cricket.

The second video opens up with the same couple. The wife is leaving for work when the next door neighbour asks her for bandage with a child sitting at a table, immediately worrying the woman. Unable to find any at her place, she looks up the nearby pharmaceuticals via Google App and orders bandage, only to find out that the intended purpose was to turn the child into a mummy for a fancy dress competition. Chadha talks about the motive behind the campaign and how Google only wants people to know about its improved search experience. She mentions that Google's consumer research suggested that people were having problems using the search feature of the app, which they corrected and thus are flaunting to raise awareness.

Whether the designing agency chose cricket or local businesses, Google's campaign remains focused on distributing the knowledge that finding answers even in the case of emergency can be extremely simple, often a two-click deal.