Amazon steps up and increases its total Indian investment to $5 billion from $2 billion

Amazon is a name that doesn’t require an introduction anymore. It has become the truth of the face of E-commerce in India. It has paved paths for various start-ups and it has made buying and selling a more convenient and enjoyable experience. Amazon has become a big name in this country. And it has plans to become even bigger.

In the first fortnight of June 2016, Amazon made a major announcement of increasing its budget by three billion dollars. The news was delivered by Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive, Amazon. If the report from Reuters is to be believed, then this development is meant to solidify the commitment that Amazon has promised towards its investment in India.

This very move has already been applied by the market rivals of Amazon, namely Flipkart and Snapdeal. However, the margins of the budget raise of these two organizations doesn’t come anywhere near the capital bank of Amazon. And this shouldn’t be surprising considering the amount that has been announced.

Three billion dollars is a big deal. An investment of this intensity indicates some real strategies. And we can trust the officials at Amazon not to take a decision involving this much capital over a shot of tequila. There has to have been a lot of planning, plotting,approximations and calculations involved. So, it’s only natural to anticipate some big changes around the business.

Jeff Bezos appeared not only enthusiastic but also very hopeful for the future of Amazon in India. He was reported to be saying how this country is one of the regions in the world where Amazon has grown and developed very fast. He expressed his high hopes for the start-ups in India. And with a budget raise this high, we can clearly expect Amazon to execute those high hopes into reality.

Also, what came to attention during the event in which this news was made public, is a glimpse of what the organization has in store for the future.

A Web Services Cloud Region is about to be opened within this year in India. Also, this country is about to be presented with the second largest Amazon Software Engineering and Development Centre. It’ll be located inHyderabad and is expected to be the largest development centre of Amazon outside of the United States.

Now, amazon has been spreading wings for a few years now. Take, for example, its link-up with the Indian Post services. It has secured guaranteed delivery to all postal codes in the country. This, without a hint of any doubt, improved the business, smoothing things over. Now, Amazon has started establishing fulfilment centres across the country. With twenty one centres already built and ready with proper storage spaces, it would be accurate to say that those guys at Amazon have a well laid out plan in front of them.

These people know what they are doing.

But that isn’t really a point of concern. Rather, there is a point of celebration. New fulfilment centres, Web Cloud services and a development and engineering centre means a lot more than just business and profit and publicity.

It means jobs. It means opportunities. It means that the country will benefit from the deal just as much as the organization. It means that this is a win-win situation.

So, while the people get a diversified experience of shopping online, they will also get a chance at new opportunities in their career. Amazon has once again succeeded in winning hearts this way and some business on the way as well.

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