Amazon Prime Day 2017 & Its Unexpected Positive Impact on Other Online Retailers

At 6 in the evening on July 10, 2017, India had its first Amazon Prime Day. While the event ended at midnight the next day, it left many considerations in its wake. One of those is how Prime Day, the alleged Black Friday of Amazon, affected other online shopping apps in an astoundingly unexpected manner. While Prime Day is only three years old, it is now considered Amazon's Black Friday because of how much damage it causes to other shopping retailers in mere 30 hours. Prime Day 2017 was recorded as the largest sale day in all of e-commerce history. Sales say a 60% growth from the last year's figures. An unprecedented number of people became Prime members on July 11.

Despite such an unco reputation, Prime Day ended up benefiting other shopping apps. This insight was released as a part of the Amazon Prime Day analysis carried out by Liftoff, a mobile app marketing agency.
Liftoff studied the purchase rates and app installation frequency over seven days- three days before Prime Day 2017, Prime Day itself, and the following three days. They analysed data from around four million mobile ad impressions.
The installation of shopping apps excluding Amazon saw a slight decrease. Out of the app-installing people, 47% went ahead and completed a purchase. This number was higher when compared to the past six weeks.
The days leading to Prime Day saw more and more purchases and installs for other shopping apps. On Prime Day, non-Amazon retailers saw a 13% decrement in sales. Right after Prime Day, sales increased at the rate of 71% for non-Amazon shopping applications.
This data suggests that Prime Day inspires purchases. While there is no doubt that Amazon makes the most out of the said 'member inspiration effect', other retail apps get the benefit as well.