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2 Years Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing (PGDDM) along with Masters of Business Management in Information Technology (MBA-IT)


Almost every industry in the present scenario of this world has an element to it Information Technology.

Being in IT can be quite challenging at times. It is a heavily technology and management based job. To begin a career in IT is an idea that usually requires a lot of work. The field of IT is a diverse one. There are many opportunities and a lot of scope for a person to develop and grow.

Digital Marketing has become the new face of almost every business out there, in the world. Through the late nineties and the early twenty-first century, different kinds of syndicates and brands have made use of the digital technology to promote themselves.

Course Objective:

If you have interest in marketing and want to go in IT then course in Information Technology is made up for you where you can achieve all of your career dreams while managing for IT Department.

Being interested in the field of Marketing and Management has never been enough to shape a constructive career in the field. However, being skilled in people handling techniques and relationship building attributes isn’t enough anymore. The paradigms have shifted. The entire industry has found a new platform to stretch itself on. That platform is what you might recognize by the name of Digital Marketing.

To settle into this new platform requires proper training. That is what this course aims to bring.

The power to handle the complex techniques of digital marketing in association with the new Information technologies is what this course tries to merge with your very inner conscience.


1st Year

1st Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 101 Management – Principles and Practices
2 102 Organizational Behavior
3 103 Managerial Economics
4 104 Quantitative Techniques in Management
5 105 Business Accounting & Financial and Management
6 106 Introduction to Digital Marketing, Analytical tools.
7 107 Basic Marketing Concepts
8 108 Basic statistics and tools for prediction via analysis
9 109 Search Engine Marketing, Google Ad Words

2nd Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 201 Research Methods
2 202 Business Environment
3 203 Marketing Management
4 204 Operations Management
5 205 Human Resource Management
6 206 Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics
7 207 Social Media Marketing, Social Media Analytics, SMO
8 208 Viral Marketing and its platforms: Mobile/e-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

2nd  Year

1st Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 301 Management Information System
2 302 Database Management Systems
3 303 E-Commerce
4 304 Cloud Computing
5 305 Strategic Management
6 306 Training with marketing datasets, analysis and observation of dummy displays.
7 307 Basic of Web Designing and development.
8 309 Planning, implementation and management strategies for digital marketing.


2nd Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 401 Software Project Management
2 402 Data Mining and Data Warehousing
3 403 Software Engineering
4 404 Information Security Systems
5 405 Project Work
6 406 Basics of launching a campaign with a directional motive, perspective of a global campaign.
7 407 Addressing of marketing issue in various hemisphere.
8 408 Related Case Studies and Observational sessions.

Eligibility Criterion

The course requires every candidate to have a graduation degree in the least. However, this stands as the minimum stated criteria. Any candidate with a higher education in the field or in another field bearing similarities to this one can apply for the programme just as easily.

Programme Length

The course is scheduled to take up a time of two year. The subjects and sessions have been designed as per the two year deadline and hence, carry a distributed sense among themselves.

Examination and Certification

An evaluation is scheduled at the end of each semester after the completion of the semester wise course. The candidates who qualify this examination will be awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Journalism from IMCI and Masters of Business Management in Information Technology Degree from UGC approved University.

Programme Fees

The mandatory course fee of the whole programme is Rs 1,10000/- .This covers for the course registration fees, Interactive Lecture fee on key areas, Course material fee etc. Apart from this, an examination fee of Rs 7,900/- needs to be paid later as per the examination notification of the Institute/ University.

Industry and Corporate Placements

Along with the well managed educational experience, IMCI also takes care of the after-education experience. This institution has a good reputation among the rank of industries that matter. This is equivalent to having a good network with reaches in places that are of significance.

The participants are allowed a window into the corporate sector. With the qualities they develop, IMCI gives them a chance at industrial placements. While this strengthens their experience, it also allows them to gain an insight into the kind of competition that they are up against in the industry.

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