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2 Years Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing (PGD DM) along with Masters of Business Management in Advertising (MBA-ADV)


This Dual Programme in Advertising and Public Relations aims to prepare highly competent and innovative management professionals for delivering remarkable services in the ever-improving sector of advertising and public relations in India and abroad. The importance and productivity of advertising and public relations is constantly growing, owing to ever-increasing business competition in almost all economic fields, and globalization of businesses.

Participants of this rather prolific course are taught to make advertising maximally impressive and enticing, and manage advertising for the concerned company profitably and impeccably, amid such intense business competitions.

Course Objective:

Curriculum of this rich programme essentially includes the topics of effective techniques of mass/media communications, market research, campaign planning, advertising and marketing strategies, consumer behavior, media planning and buying, brand management, public relations and overall advertising management.

This proposed course aims at enhancing your capacity to use the strategic tactics of advertising and public relations to capture the attention that is your major concern.


1st Year

1st   Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 101 Management – Principles and Practices
2 102 Organizational Behavior
3 103 Managerial Economics
4 104 Quantitative Techniques in Management
5 105 Business Accounting & Financial and Management
6 106 Basics of Advertising and PR, the similarities and the differences
7 107 Communication strategy and communication crisis management
8 108 Digital advertising & Digital Public Relations- basics, skills and techniques
9 109 Marketing public relations



2nd   Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 201 Research Methods
2 202 Business Environment
3 203 Marketing Management
4 204 Operations Management
5 205 Human Resource Management
6 206 Adverting Campaigns- design, creation, advertisement and tools
7 207 Public Relations in Practice
8 208 Agency -Structure & Functions (Advertising and PR)

2nd  Year

3rd Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 301 Advertising Management
2 302 Business Legislation
3 303 Product and Brand Management
4 304 Marketing Research
5 305 Sales Management
6 306 Public Relations campaign planning
7 307 Ethical and moral basis of advertising and PR
8 308 Market research and consumer research


4th  Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 401 Entrepreneurship Development
2 402 International Marketing
3 403 Marketing Communication Strategy
4 404 Project Work
5 405 Holistic approach- marketing via advertising
6 406 Promotional communication and media planning
7 408 Case studies, assignments and demo sessions

Eligibility Criterion

The course requires every candidate to have a graduation degree in the least. However, this stands as the minimum stated criteria. Any candidate with a higher education in the field or in another field bearing similarities to this one can apply for the programme just as easily.

Programme Length

The course is scheduled to take up a time of two year. The subjects and sessions have been designed as per the two year deadline and hence, carry a distributed sense among themselves.

Examination and Certification

An evaluation is scheduled at the end of each semester after the completion of the semester wise course. The candidates who qualify this examination will be awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relation from IMCI and Masters in Business Administration in Advertising Management Degree from UGC approved University.

Programme Fees

The mandatory course fee of the whole programme is Rs 1,10,000/-.This covers for the course registration fees, Interactive Lecture fee on key areas, Course material fee etc. Apart from this, an examination fee of Rs 7,900/- needs to be paid later as per the examination notification of the Institute/University.

Industry and Corporate Placements

Gaining knowledge is one thing. Implementing that knowledge is another thing. But getting a chance to implement what one knows is something on a whole other level.

The industry is huge. And the opportunities are incredibly large in number. But it isn’t often an easy thing to be right where the best openings are. IMCI understands this and considers it a responsibility to introduce those it trains, to the world where they could find a way to flourish.

With its interconnected network of big sized syndicates, professional experts and HR and recruiting officials, IMCI ensures that the program participants get a peek into the industry and a chance to become a part of the privileged layer as well.

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