Google Analytics to Offer Better User-Insights with Four Function Upgrades

85% of B2B marketers consider consistency across advertising channels and content a significant factor in determining customer experience and hence the revenue.
Customers expect increasing levels of personalized services from brands in the present time. Keeping it in mind, Google analytics released four new functions in mid-December to help businesses get a clearer picture of the user expectations.
The four upgrades include user-focussed reporting, user explorer, audience reporting, and conversion probability. The previous Standard Reporting function will now have an option to 'Enable Users in Reporting.' It'll allow the business to view the total number of user visits as well ass multiple visits from the same user. The data will also be present in the report review.

The User Explorer tool uses the cookie life to discover data like the total time a user spent on the website or the total number of transactions they performed. Marketers would be able to assess user engagement at different levels.
In a first, Google Analytics is also going to allow creating and publishing Audiences to reports, segments, custom funnels, and custom reports with the Audience Reporting tool.
The Conversion tool helps predict the Average Conversion Probability for a user by drawing inferences from the data about past transactions. The marketer can specify a date range, and Google Analytics would model the data of that duration to provide a score between 1 and 100 as the chances of a user converting.
Marketers can use the Audience Reporting feature across channels, with different dimensions, as well as with Google optimize to get better insights on website optimization concerning customer engagement. It's however, in the beta stage for now.

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