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Gloss Versus Content- Marico's New Ad for Men's Grooming Has No Glam Shots in It

Marico recently launched a new ad film for Parachute Advansed Men Hair Cream.

Unlike other of its male vanity products, in contrast to any stereotypical advertisements for vanity products, Marico’s new film isn’t focussed on appealing model faces, picture perfect shots, and glossy good looks. Instead, Marico builds its newest commercial around compelling content.


While the video ad isn't entirely devoid of charming male faces, the focus is the message and not the models.

Parachute Advansed Men Hair Cream, with all three of its variants, is a part of Parachute’s range of male grooming products. Set Wet, another Parachute product with ad taglines like ‘Sada Sexy Raho Men’, is also a rather significant part of the range.

Marico’s Chief Marketing Officer, Anuradha Aggarwal, talks about how the two products aim for different consumer groups, thus offering an explanation for the wide gap between the advertising campaigns’ nature for both the products.

As per Aggarwal, while Set Wet aims at guys between 19-24 years, the new hair cream is meant to impact men beyond 29.

Talking about the ad film, Aggarwal mentions how the brand new product represents men whose attention falls on everything except personal grooming. Marico wanted to provide them with a brand that offers natural hair-care with protection from extremities that their hair faces on a regular basis.

With its new development, Parachute hopes to make an aggressive entry into a market that is ruled by key brands like Himalaya and Brylcreem at present.

Ogilvy and Mather have conceptualised the ad film. With minimum mirror preening, this concept driven ad film shows men in uniform- a firefighter, a soldier, a doctor, focussed on their duties. However, they always clean up before turning up to meet their families, friends, or for an evening out.

With the message of ‘good men deserve to look good’, the makers wish to highlight the idea that it’s okay for men to take care of themselves while they see to their duties. At the same time, the product doesn’t overshadow the storytelling at all in the ad film, making it a strongly concept dedicated commercial.

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