Facebook Will Soon Relate Pictures to Users Using Face-Recognition Tech

In an attempt to improve user control, Facebook recently announced using face recognition tech to enhance the Photo Review feature. Facebook would scan different user profiles using said tech and let people know whenever they appear in any photo, even when they aren't tagged in it.
When users are notified, they would also have the option to either tag themselves in the photo or report it. However, they must be a part of the audience set by the original poster for the picture to be able to get the notification.

Users can control this setting in the Tag Suggestion option. It's a simple on/off toggle. The feature can detect faces in profile pictures as well. However, it's not applicable in EU and Canada, since both countries have data laws which don't allow the use of facial recognition.
While Facebook is promoting this feature as a privacy upgrade, it is also a nudge to make people engage more actively with the site, and better control their activity. It is also an attempt on Facebook's part to help the vision-impaired use the social networking site in a more efficient manner.
The face recognition notification feature is based on the same technology which is used to suggest friends on Facebook. It can also be helpful in catching illegal usage of a user's photos.
Despite the face recognition notification being an impressive upgrade, many fear it could be used for online bullying and harassment. Facebook also fought a lawsuit that considered this photo tagging feature a user privacy violation since there is no explicit consent involved.

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