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Facebook Hands More Power to the Brands Over Ad Positioning

Brand advertisers can now control where their advertisements appear on Facebook. With the help of newly launched tools, advertisers will have a list of publishers at their disposal. They will be able to choose the places where they wish to position their ads.


Ads on Facebook now appear in Instant Articles, within streaming videos, and on the publisher’s app or site. The new adjustments will let the advertisers express control over the type of content surrounding their ads.

The newly introduced controls include Pre-Campaign transparency, account-level blocking, and video placement choices.

The pre-campaign transparency allows the brand to go through a list of potential positions where their ads may show up.

The block function lets the brand apply the blacklisting stamp on the account level. It will make things easier for the advertisers as they wouldn’t need to log in each campaign to administer blocks to accounts across the Audience Network.

With the video placement options, the advertisers will be able to pick the specific environment where they want their ad film to play, i.e. Interstitial, Native, or In-Stream.

All three new functionalities are being tested with a few advertisers. Facebook’s goal is to end up with a product that lets any brand extend its commercials to all platforms with ease. The blocking update will allow the creation of a blacklist spanning across hundreds and thousands of campaigns and creatives.

Facebook’s Product Marketing Director, Michel Protti, talks about the new tools being a measure to improve transparency for advertisers before they can launch their campaign.

He also mentions the critical significance of the updates in improving brand safety. It will serve as a compelling tool to make sure than an ad only appears next to content that is relevant and agreeable.

Since the present day Facebook ad experiences are closely integrated with the content, Protti believes that the new string of tools will help advertisers by allowing them a clear view of their campaigns and appropriate control over where and how their ads may run.


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